Our Promise

You want perfection and we believe that’s exactly what every great dentist should expect from us. We do whatever it takes to reach your standard of perfection.


Our Service

We treat our staff, suppliers, and most importantly our customers (like you!) with respect and friendship. You’ll always know that we care as much about your patient as you do.


Our Partnership

You’re a busy dentist with a thriving practice, and you have a patient with a dental problem. Our master technician will work closely with you to develop the best treatment plan.


Our Work

We offer a full service product menu. You can learn more about our products – and our quality of craftsmanship – here.

What We’re Like

We’re a team of artisans in the world of dentistry.

We create some of the most beautiful, precise, intricate work in our field – and if we sound a little over-excited about implants and crowns, that’s because we truly love what we do and are fascinated by the details that take dentistry from “decent” to sheer craftsmanship. The dentists and prosthodontists we work with absolutely adore us; they’ve never seen work so consistently flawless, or dreamed they could ever rely on a turnaround time like ours. We’ve developed the technology to make even the most complex case turn into a stunning smile – and it’s our great pleasure to share our work with you.


I have come to expect pure excellence from Bavo, as that is what they deliver every time. Excellent quality delivered through exceptional dedication, knowledge and technical skills. Bavo allows for a true team approach to treating my patients.

Dr. Michael Webster, Kelowna Dental Centre

Video from the BAVO Booth during the 2015 Pacific Dental Conference.

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Continuing Education

If you’re fascinated by the art of making teeth fit together perfectly, if you’re continually thinking about how just the smallest deviation from measurements could affect someone’s bite pattern or jaw comfort, if you get excited at the idea of crafting, inventing and using tools that will revolutionize this industry – well, then, we can’t wait for you to join us at one of our Continuing Education events. If there is a particular topic you are interested in learning about please send us a short note.

Email [email protected]

If that sounds like the kind of relationship you’d like with your lab, give us a call 604.299.2286.

Link to us http://leixircanada.com